A Happening



The Shea Theater (71 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376, Turners Falls MA)

***A Happening***

October 21 | 7pm until 10pm
Shea Theater, Turners Falls

The collision of evocative art forms, including, but not limited to music, dance, theater, sculpture, painting, and film with a “choose your own adventure” structure creates a uniquely powerful immersive experience for performers and audience alike, where the lines between witness and participant are disrupted and dissolved.

A mainstay of this festival is the “Marketplace," which occupies the theater space and features vendors working across varied mediums. The theme of this year’s Festival is STORYTELLING. Participants are invited into a strange and mysterious tale-- a whimsical myth in which the magic of music brings stories to life. Underscored by the sonic musings of SVIP, regional Valley artists including thespians, dancers, sculptors and more, collectively create multi-sensory installations for guests to explore.

“A HAPPENING” is derived from the creative vision of Cloudgaze Productions as a culmination of Creative Laboratory sessions held throughout the past year.