A HAPPENING III - m e t a m o r p h o s e s: An Immersive Festival



The Shea Theater (71 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376, Turners Falls MA)

After two successful years, Cloudgaze and Eggtooth Productions return to present "A Happening III: Metamorphoses," a two-day multi-arts festival immersing participants in an intimate theatrical world of myth, magic and mystery inspired by Ovid's epic poem.

A true interdisciplinary feat, this festival brings over 30 local performance artists, actors, musicians, and dancers together to stage original work. Featured Valley performers include: Lori Holmes Clark, Jack Golden, Lindel Hart, Marina Goldman, Sam V. Perry, Joshua Ruder, K Adler, Rebecca Schrader, Ashley Kramer, and Tim Kukharchuk.

Set within large-scale installations constructed throughout the Shea Theater Arts Center, monsters, heroes, nymphs, dryads, satyrs, mortals, deities, and other fantastical beings wander through the dark maze of the building, passing through stone gardens, enchanted forests, sensual, twisted underworlds, banquets, piles of bones, seas of fabric, light, sound, and more. Traditional lines of performance blur as players and audience members weave in and out of multiple timelines and narratives. Open exploration is encouraged, but not required. You may decide to sit and watch the action unfold around you. We invite you to choose your own adventure. "A Happening" celebrates community, creativity, and our power to transform, as well as the unique ability of theater to hold a mirror to violence, grief, and suffering, because, as the stories remind us, change is not always a choice. Please note, this production is intended to hold a variety of responses to Metamorphoses, and is not an adaptation or a play. Not everything is meant to be seen.