Afterparty Jam with Puuluup



New City Brewery (180 Pleasant St, Easthampton MA)

9:30pm Doors, 10PM Performance


Join us at New City Brewery after the show to keep the party going. After playing Friday's Millpond Live show outside, Puuluup pulls into New City Brewery right next door for an indoor jam. No cover!

What to get when you mix a pinch of surrealism, a bit of modern folklore, a heaping helping of talharpa revival/ rebellion and blend it together through effect blocks and loopers? The answer is the neo-zombie-post-folk Estonian duo Puuluup!


Ramo Teder and Marko Veisson have virtually resurrected the ancient talharpa (bowed lyre), popular in Northern Europe since the early middle ages and played on Western Estonian islands until the beginning of 20th century. But this is not an ethnomusicological romp. Puuluup directs the vibrations of the talharpa’s horsehair strings through effects, using alternative bowing and rhythm techniques. The mellow sighs of talharpa are paired with electronically amplified echoes, knocks, creaks and crackles, while still maintaining the instrument’s natural sound. And it is all presented with a unique sense of humor, originality and what can only be described as offbeat charm.