Alfonso Neal- opening reception



The LAVA Center (324 Main St., Greenfield, MA 01301)

Join us for the opening of "The UK Farm Belt: Looking out from lockdown," an exhibit by Alfonso Neal.
In 2021, the world slowly began recovering from Covid-19 and a year of self-isolation. With travel restrictions briefly lifted during the winter months of that year, Alfonso Neal flew to the United Kingdom to document daily life, work, and politics in a post-Brexit world. What had started as a month-long assignment became a 6-month-long adventure as Alfonso was locked down, furloughed, over 3,000 miles away from home.
The U.K. farm belt is a collection of observational stories and photographs of life in East Sussex and surrounding areas during and after lockdown restrictions began to lift.
Alfonso Neal is an award-winning writer, visual artist, and occasional stage actor, currently serving as Executive Co-Director of the Pioneer Valley Workers Center. His passion is balancing the nuance of words with visual imagery to create compelling and compassionate stories about life’s struggles and victories. Former editors, colleagues, and casual readers describe his work as “making readers feel like they’re part of the action,” and giving a “unique voice and perspective about the issues impacting working people.”