All-Ages Shorts, a screening with Easthampton Film Festival



CitySpace (43 Main St, Easthampton MA)

The whole family will enjoy these enchanting shorts, which include several kinds of animation, kid actors, talking dragons, sea serpents, engineering mice, and magic marbles. The program will run about an hour, after which we’ll get to meet some of the attending filmmakers, ask them questions, and maybe even touch the dragons! This screening also features the work of three student filmmakers, and includes (not necessarily in this order):

All the Marbles, directed by Melissa McClung
Bay Creek Tennis Camp, directed by Michele Meek
Dragon Agent-Wreckers of Boston, directed by Gordon LePage *
Dragon Poets of Boston, directed by Gordon LePage *
Mariposas, directed by Adrian Carey
The Toad in the Hole, directed by Oliver Brubaker **
Today We Climbed a Hill, directed by Gordon LePage *
Unsorted, directed by Daniel Gönczy
Waiting for Sea Serpents, directed by Ben Tobin

* Director Gordon LePage plans to attend the talkback, represent his films, and show the audience some of the puppets he created to make them
** Director Oliver Brubaker plans to attend the talkback and represent his film The Toad in the Hole