"Alteration" exhibit by Mary Witt & Brianna Ashe at Easthampton’s Oxbow Gallery



Oxbow Gallery (40 Cottage St, Easthampton, MA MA)

Come browse abstract paintings by Mary Witt and assemblages by Brianna Ashe in "Alteration", a show containing lots of surprises. Witt's art is full of texture, color, and movement exhibiting mystery and intrigue. Her paintings' depth pulls the viewer in, to engage in the environments created. Raised on abstract art by German parents, Witt engages an intuitive process in her art making. Being a musician, she paints to music and lets the rhythm, melody, and lyrics subconsciously guide her. Brianna Ashe creates assemblages of found and created objects displaying wonderful groupings of color, shapes and proximity. As a print maker, she incorporates words and shapes to exhibit playfulness in the message.

Mary Witt and Brianna Ashe have shared a membership at Oxbow Gallery, a collective art gallery in Easthampton, for 12 years. Although many years apart in age, they have a commonality through their art and general outlook on life. Meeting in a printmaking workshop years ago, they recognized their similarities and differences, and found it easy to join the gallery together, sharing all their exhibits. Their contrasting art always complements each other in their shows, sometimes interspersed and other times hung on opposite walls. They both work as professional artists and have active presence on social media as well as in the community.