Amayo & Amayo's Fu-Arkist-Ra & Mafer Bandola & The Barr Brothers & The Slip & Xenia Rubinos & Yasser Tejeda



ColliderFEST (, Northampton, MA , Northampton MA)

Collider!Fest is back with a second-year line-up that vigorously conquers space, time, and “lejania” with powerful doses of musical creativity.

It’s a weekender that runs the full length of Bombyx with Neftali Duran’s Oaxacan cooking, hyperlocal beers and ciders crafted by Florence-based brewers, Spin That! Records’ record fair on Saturday, and workshops of all kinds. We’re adding a second stage this year, so each night features four sets of music.

The Spanish word "lejania" describes the state of being far away from something. Often, that something is an imagined home. The word “lejania” is suffused with longing; it suggests loss, displacement, homesickness… the place where one belongs when one isn’t there.

Music, like certain foods, or hearing one’s own language, provides a powerful antidote to “lejania”. Music brings “home” into diasporic life. Like a teleportation device – but rather than being teleported home, one teleports home into oneself. This year’s ColliderFest features many artists who have mastered this trick of teleportation and are helping others to do it as well.