An Evening at the Cabaret with Shatoyia Jones



The Artist Cafe (1365 Main Street, Springfield MA)


About An Evening at the Cabaret with Shatoyia Jones

Beauty | Movement | Dance | Music

When you experience an evening at the Cabaret with Shatoyia Jones, you will find a balance of mystical beauty, elegance and spice with every performance and class, being sophisticated yet sensual for an unforgettable, mesmerizing and culturally rich family-friendly entertainment experience.

Come enjoy the ancient art of Chakacha (African), Raqs Sharqi (Arabic), Raqs Baladi (Folk), Turkish Orientale (Turkey), also known in the western world as Danse de Ventre or Belly Dance.

Event Agenda

  • 7:15p - 7:30p: Seating, Drink Orders (Wine, Coffee, Tea), Refreshments
  • 7:30p - 7:55p: Raqs Sharqi / Chakacha Performance
  • 8:00p - 8:15p: VIP Meet & Greet, Photos, etc.

What Others Are Saying

"Shatoyia is not only an incredible woman but an incredible friend. The knowledge she shares, the resources she has at hand, The networking she upholds, all around astonishing! She has motivated me to step more into my powerful feminine energy. To step forward & utilize my voice in an impactful way. What I love the most, she is an ACTIVE advocate for her community & as well, deep rooted in the work she does for those communities. I have recently partnered with Shatoyia & can't wait to see what's in store for us." -- Taitiana W

- - - - -

"Shatoyia has certainly been more than a mentor to me. She is 110% always there whenever you need an advice, feedback, someone to talk to you. She seems to see what you are not able to see, the good in you, your potential. I don't think I have ever had a talk with her when I don't feel better after. The most important thing that she has taught is to believe in myself. I am thankful I discovered FLP and I got the chance to meet such a thoughtful and impactful leader. The most wonderful thing about Shatoyia is that she sincerely wants to see your growth, both personally and professional. I believe is hard with any mentor you have. She also understand life happens and something you cant give your best, she is flexible and patient and always willing to lend a hand. Thank you... for the time, the opportunity and the chance. Thank you for your constant support and for wanting my growth and success." -- ​Maria Lopez, FLP Partner & KWFS student

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