Angela Davis, A History of the United States



Rooke Theater at Mount Holyoke College (Corner of Morgan St. and Lower Lake Road, South Hadley MA)

MIFA Victory Theatre presents French theater company ​​Compagnie L'Héliotrope in "Angela Davis, A History of the United States"

By Faustine Noguès, Based on an original idea by Paul Desveaux & Véronique Felenbok, Direction by Paul Desveaux, Starring Astrid Bayiha, Music by Blade MC Alimbaye

Angela Davis, a #philosopher, a #sociologist, and an #activist #black communist #feminist affiliated with the Black Panthers is wrongly accused of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy by J. Edgar Hoover & the FBI...The play, mixing narration, speeches, video, and rap music, tells the story of #AngelaDavis, who faced a turbulent life during the civil rights movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Actress Astrid Bayiha alone on stage exudes rage at injustice and discrimination through the power of words and music with the help of musician-composer Balde AliMbaye.