Another World Is Possible



A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery (126 Main St., Northampton MA)

APE presents Another World is Possible, a juried group exhibition of prints and print-related artwork by 32 members and former artists-in-residence of Zea Mays Printmaking, Florence, MA. This international group of exhibiting artists are:

Suzanne Artemieff, Anne Beresford, Martha Braun, Meredith Broberg, Liz Chalfin, Sarah Creighton, Nancy Diessner, Victoria Elbroch, Marnix Everaert, Betsy Feick, Lydia Giangregorio, Mary Hart, Sarah Hulsey, Elisa Lanzi, Doris W. Madsen, Tekla McInerney, Therese Dwyer Moriarty, Rhea Nowak, Malgorzata Oakes, Susan Osgood, Lynn Peterfreund, Erika Radich, B.Z. Reily, Julie Rivera, Susan Rood, Jennifer Scheuer, Joyce Silverstone, Matthew Simons, Robynn Smith, Judith Wolf, Angela Zammarelli

Brief Statements by the Curators:

Shichio Minato:

Through the screening of the entries, I felt the power of art to solve problems that transcend common sense. While "another world is possible" is an extremely open-ended theme that can be taken in a variety of ways, it also poses the difficulty of having to reexamine one's own stance as an artist.

‘As an artist, how do you perceive the world?’ One's view of life itself as an artist will be questioned.”

All the entries had established their own unique styles and worldviews, demonstrating the high caliber of the artists. The fact that the pandemic gave us more time to ourselves than ever before may have had a positive impact on us expressive artists.

From natural disasters such as major earthquakes and fires to wars, terrorism, financial crises, and even very personal but life-shattering losses and traumatic events, there are a wide variety of catastrophes occurring in modern society. It is difficult to find the right answers to these questions, but we artists have reaffirmed that it is possible to give many people the courage to face these difficult issues through our printmaking.

Juana Valdes:

“Another World is Possible," as the title for the exhibition, suggests there is still time to create, imagine or restore our world. In their varied printmaking processes, the artworks I selected for the show take on the challenge of imagining a better future, restoring an unbalanced past, and reexamining our current state of being. In their many forms, they offer us a vision forward, a place to reflect on the human condition, and hope to amend our relationship with the planet we inhabit.

The exhibiting artists utilize a vast array of printmaking techniques in imagining their response to the challenge of Another World is Possible, and each piece is amplified by a statement of intent, how their work envelopes and evolves the theme of the exhibition.