ARHS presents HAIR: the musical



Amherst-Pelham Regional High School (21 Matoon Street Amherst, MA 01002)

Hair, the beloved musical by Gerome Ragni and James Rado, with music from Galt MacDermot, has become a cultural icon and a musical masterpiece. Capturing the idealism and excesses of the late 60s hippie movement in New York City, the show focuses on a motley group of high school dropouts, college war protestors and civil rights activists, many of whom are awaiting possible conscription into the Vietnam War. From the transformative recent years under the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, Hair carries some remarkable parallels into the present day.

Aside from its multiple awards and many restagings over the past 50 years, Hair is also known for its exuberant and sometimes profane content. As a consequence, we do not recommend this show for people under 14 years of age. We also recognize that some of the show's content might be considered lewd or gratuitous, particularly for a high school production. We've attempted to stage these moments thoughtfully - and encourage you to embrace the show's head-on foray into a host of sensitive but deeply relevant topics.

Hair touches on issues of sex, drug use, race, identity, and the horrors of war in the late 60s while embracing a world of ideals for the possibilities of humanity. Exploring these topics in an educational and artistic context has been a meaningful experience for all us in the show, and we value your support.


This show contains the following content; please review these details before purchasing your ticket. Further questions on content can be directed to

  • Explicit lewd and sexual references (nothing depicted or descriptive)
  • Simulated illegal drug use; references to illegal drug use
  • Culturally insensitive terms used in 1960s pop culture
  • Swearing
  • References to war crimes, including rape (nothing depicted or descriptive)
  • Simulated gunshots and the shooting of a character
  • Strobe lights
  • Use of incense (for those with strong smell sensitivity)


We are following the COVID policies set by a number of professional and school venues from Broadway on down. Questions can be directed to

  • Proof of vaccination (digital or paper) is required for admission - bring your card!
  • Any individual that is unvaccinated should email for advice on attendance options
  • Mask use is required at all times for audience members
  • Cast, crew, and pit members will often be unmasked while on stage (they wear masks off-stage)
  • We are regularly reviewing local health data and will advise all attendees in the days leading up to the show on any changes to our policy

Finally, thank you for your ticket purchase! The ARHS Theater Company does not charge a participation fee for any of its shows and all show proceeds go into the production of future shows to come. It's your support of our program that has gotten us through COVID and still able to produce work at this scale. We thank you!