Art Exhibit: Sandy Renna, Gifts from Nature



Salmon Falls Gallery (1 Ashfield St #9, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370, Shelburne Falls MA)

Join Salmon Falls Gallery to appreciate and learn more about Warwick, MA woodworker Sandy Renna’s turned wood vessels and the process through which he transforms rough wood into elegant objects.  
The exhibit features wood objects and photographs that illustrate the many steps involved in transforming a rough cut log into a polished finished piece, and reveals a glimpse of the time and patience it takes to create his unique bowls and vessels.
Sandy Renna’s respect of nature and an understanding of a tree’s connection to the world is apparent in every piece he makes.  Holding one of his bowls encourages reflection on the beauty, strength, and endurance of these majestic trees long after they have fallen. 
In reverence to the tree’s beauty and contribution to his craft, Sandy’s own inspirational photographs will be on display. The trees that surround us and literally give us the ability to breathe are honored, as is the connection between humans and nature.
Statement from Sandy Renna:  “Each piece of rough lumber presents a beautiful mystery waiting to emerge on the lathe. My mission is to interfere as little as possible with the hidden natural gem and to allow each unique grain pattern a voice.  The eventual shape, like the grain, is mostly based on the wood’s orientation within the log. The inspiration for these pieces is the trees themselves, rescued from the wood pile and fallen limbs. To honor their majesty, I transform them into beautiful objects as a fitting memorial and an ongoing reminder of one of Nature’s most amazing gifts to us and the earth."