Binding a Valley: Pioneer Valley Book Makers, portraits by Judy B. Messer



Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library (20 West St, Northampton, MA 01060, Northampton MA)

Binding a Valley: Pioneer Valley Book Makers in the ‘90s, a documentary portrait series by Photographer Judy B. Messer.

Judy B. Messer kicks off her 40 year anniversary as an artist working with heart and camera by celebrating with a showing of a special collection of documentary still film portraits made in the mid 90’s, “Binding A Valley!” The series celebrates pioneer valley and hilltown creatives who worked in their own beautiful way in the art of book making – from the authors and illustrators to the printers and book binders.

The “Binding A Valley” exhibit will include portrait perspectives of the book maker, as well as a piece of their work, such as completed books that they have printed or illustrated, or larger framed original illustrations. Examples provided are in large part work from Forbes Library collections, sure to be a special collaborative experience for the viewers. Some of the artists featured include Bill Streeter *Book Binder*, Eric Carle *Author / Illustrator*, Leonard Baskin *Artist, Illustrator / Sculpturist,* Alan Robinson, *Artist,* Jane *Yolen Author,* Harold McGrath *Printer,* Barry Moser *Artist,* and more.