BIODANZA: la danza de la vida


This event was repeated every week until 05/22/2023.


Sun Studio @ the Arts and Industry Building (221 Pine Street, Suite 245, Florence, Northampton MA)

New weekly class - Mondays 7-9pm
April 24 - May 22, 2023 in person at Sun Studio
Taught by Clara Rubin-Smith McKie
(Facilitadora bilingüe en español e inglés)
Sliding scale: $80-150 for the series (5 weeks), or $20-40 per session. Two for one special: bring a friend and pay only one entry!
Participation in the whole series is recommended as we build from week to week, but joining for a single session is also welcome.
Get in touch with yourself, others & life ~ Expand your capacity for PLAY & being fully in the present moment ~ Reinforce your organic rhythms & natural state of flow ~ Heal your emotional & physical body while dancing ~ Grow through joyful experience rather than mental effort ~ Co-create brave space to build the lives and world we want together!
Biodanza is a powerful and gentle integrative system that promotes human development, both personal and collective. Each session offers a series of simple movement exercises, paired with thoughtfully chosen inspirational music from around the world, that build upon each other. Each is an invitation into vivencia, a vividly lived present moment, that opens up new experiences of ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Biodanza proposes dance in its widest sense, as movements full of meaning, a birthright and capacity available to all of us. When we bring our full selves to dance in relationship with our lives, with our specific gifts and challenges, these embodied, moving experiences have deep and lasting impact. This is a facilitated and well-held therapeutic and transformational group process that works progressively over time, with regular practice sustaining profound effects on our physiology and way of living.
Grownups only, for this round. Masks optional. No experience needed, just bring your curious heart, comfortable clothes for moving in, bare feet or indoor-only shoes, and a water bottle.