Blake Soule art reception



The LAVA Center (324 Main St., Greenfield, MA 01301)

Photographer Blake Soule finds his comfort and expression in landscape, street, and documentary photography, thinking of himself as more of an observer than someone who wants to lead the action. He seeks reassurance in moments of loneliness, an emotion that is too often solely associated with negativity.


Imagery of odd or overlooked spaces is common in his art, when he isn’t exploring the harsher isolation within themes of gender and the self. Originally from Northampton, Soule currently lives in Springfield and plans to move to Brooklyn later this year. His appreciation for photography developed and flourished studying at Greenfield Community College and SUNY Purchase.


Working mainly with analog photography, he appreciates the feeling of film both in the texture, whether crisp or grainy, as well as the occasional shooting or developing errors that put a new spin on an image. “But Not Without Purpose” is Soule’s first solo showing of his photographic work, following various group shows at the colleges he attended as well as online exhibitions amidst pandemic restrictions.