Bob Madison - Spotlight on Art for February, 2023



Agawam Public Library (750 Cooper Street, Agawam, MA 01001, Agawam MA)





Bob Madison has been a member of the of the Agawam Community Artists and Artisans since 2015, he lives in Feeding Hills with his wife Mary and a new little Westie named Maisie. 

Bob is retired from both Pratt & Whitney [Aircraft] and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Before retirement Bob was an outdoor enthusiast as well as avid saltwater sailor and winter skier.  

Bob will present his lecture on the *Biography of Lt. Richard Falley,* Jr at the Agawam Community Artists and Artisans meeting on Wednesday February 8, 2023 which begins at 6:00pm at the Agawam Public Library, 750 Cooper Street, Agawam MA.  Everyone is invited to this free lecture that begins at 7:00pm.  Refreshments will be served.  For further information please contact Ceil Rossi, email

He will present his lecture in a power point presentation that he gives to history groups and other organizations to announce his new book. 

The new book is a biography about Lt. Richard Falley, Jr. and the military career of this New England patriot.  Falley from Western Massachusetts supplied the militia from his secret armory at Mt. Tekoa in the foothills of the Berkshires.  Before the American Revolution and before George Washington established the first national Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts he was busy manufacturing Charleville flintlock muskets. 

Falley’s military career started during the French and Indian War when he was captured after the fall of Fort Henry and survived captivity by the Indians and was eventually ransomed for 16 gallons of rum.

The book includes Falley's involvement in the French and Indian War, Lexington & Concord, Knox's Artillery Train, Bunker Hill, Battle of Saratoga and Shay's Rebellion. 

Bob uses his artist skills to sketch scenes from the book.  A pencil sketch of the Falley Armory at the foot of Mt. Tekoa – circa 1778 is in the book.

Bob is a self-taught water colorist, author and an avid historian.  In a prior book, *New Haven and Northampton Canal Greenway,* Bob uses his 16 watercolor paintings to take readers on a historic trip along a forgotten 87-mile Western New England Canal. The bike and Rail Trail is 81 miles long from New Haven to Northampton.

He donates proceeds from his first book to the Southwick Historical Society which in turn purchases signs for the Rail Trail that passes through 16 towns beginning in New Haven, Ct. to Northampton, Ma.   Each town that the canal passes through receives two signs, each sign costing $300. On the signs are the names of each towns Historical Society and the dates of 1828-1847.

The *Biography of Lt. Richard Falley, Jr.* can be purchased during the demonstration or on or on Silver Street Media is an Agawam publisher and bindery, Bridgeport National Bindery located at 662 Silver Street, Agawam. Ma. Warehouse Suite 100, P. O. Box 207, Agawam Ma 01001.