Botanical Portraits | Jean Gran



Franklin Medical Center, Oncology Wing (164 High St., Greenfield, MA 01301, Greenfield MA)

**About the Artist:** Jean is a fine art flower photographer based in Western Massachusetts. Her passion for flowers runs back to the Missouri farm where her earliest memories include the perennial gardens planted by farm wives back to her great-great-grandmother. In her highly detailed botanical portraits, she strives not only to capture the beauty of each blossom but its deeper essence and personality. Jean grows most of the flowers she photographs.

**Artist Statement:** The exquisite beauty of flowers is both fragile and fleeting. And yet, flowers so often bear witness to the eternal truths of our lives: love and loss; birth and death; joy and grief; trumph and failure. My goal is to capture not only the ephemeral beauty of the flowers I photograph, but to create images with the capacity to evoke our enduring emotions, dreams, and deeper truths.

 **Artwork Description:** These archival fine art photographic prints are printed on ChromaLuxe aluminum panels coated with a white base and sealed with a polymer top coating. A dye sublimation printing process imbeds the ink directly into the surface making the prints tough, long lasting, and easy to care for.

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