Buckland Historical Society Annual Program and Pie Social



Buckland Public Hall (15 Upper St., Buckland, MA 01338)

Please wear masks during the Program.

Buckland’s Literary Miscellany- Michael Hoberman, Professor of English Literature, Fitchburg State University

Hoberman’s description of his Presentation:

“It rained just enough last night to settle the dust,” Grace Shaw wrote in her diary on July 21, 1888. That the town was dusty in the first place may come as a surprise to those of us who live here in Buckland in an age of paved roads. I am fascinated by this Buckland writer’s having described this occurrence as ordinary. I am pleased by her turn-of-phrase.

While only a handful of people in any era actually *become *“famous writers,” everyone who speaks practices a literary style and everyone who writes possesses a poetic imagination. My presentation at the 2022 Pie Social will use materials from the BHS collection to tell a larger story about how literary fashions and movements of the nineteenth and early twentieth century affected the lives of past generations of Bucklanders.

The Program is followed by a Pie Social at which time the audience can spread out with their choice of pie and remove their masks.

Admission $8.00-Members, $10-Non-Members