Cajun Fiddling "From Scratch



Artspace Community Arts Center (15 Mill St, Greenfield, MA 01301)

Open to fiddlers and violinists of all ages and experience levels. Other instruments admitted by request.
We’ll learn the basics of traditional Cajun fiddling from Southwest Louisiana through 1-2 tunes. This class is for people who love the sound of Cajun fiddle and want to be able to capture the style… and for people who have never heard of Cajun music.
After some background, we’ll start by learning the melody of a tune, then delve into variation, ornamentation and improvisation, and “seconding” (rhythm/chord accompaniment). Even relative beginners will be able to master the melodies and basic second parts, while more advanced players can go deeper into melodic and rhythmic variation, and different chord shapes and bowings for seconding.
This class is part of our Community Class series, funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.