Cameron Schmitz Open Studio Holiday Sale



Cameron Schmitz Fine Art Studio (39 Highland Avenue, Greenfield MA)

On Sunday, December 4th, the Artist and Greenfield resident, Cameron Schmitz will be opening her art studio to the public for an Open Studio Holiday Sale. Featured at her Studio will be a studio sale of original oil paintings, framed and unframed hand-signed prints, ornaments, greeting cards and art-printed jewelry. Light refreshments will also be served. The artist requests that visitors park on the street and walk back to the studio, located in the back carriage house up the driveway.
You can view more examples of Cameron Schmitz’s abstract oil paintings at

Cameron Schmitz is a professional oil painter whose intuitive abstract paintings are influenced by her background in landscape and figurative painting. Trained in observational painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of New Hampshire, Schmitz is now inspired by what emerges from the physical and emotive act of painting itself, working abstractly. Schmitz’s lyrical and energetic paintings are as much of a celebration of color and human expression as they are of life. Dashes of paint, gestural strokes, and rhythmic painterly marks become poetic representations of human touch, movement, and the shifting of time. She states, “My painting is a metaphor for my perception of life, inspired by the tender, human relationships in my life, and rooted in notions of touch, connectivity, and wonder that I experience as a woman, mother, and humble observer of the world. My pathway into abstraction stems from my background in both landscape and figurative painting—I remain fascinated by not only color and light, but by gesture and the almost-human aspects visible in nature, such as the way tree branches appear to lunge outward, as if yearning to connect and hold hands.  

Schmitz settled in Greenfield with her husband and their five children in 2020, at which time the artist fully renovated their garage into what is now her full-time painting studio. Schmitz is a full-time professional artist, in addition to teaching annual painting workshops at The River Gallery School of Art in Brattleboro, VT and Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA. Since moving to Greenfield, she states, “With our blended family of seven from Northampton and Bernardston, we completely lucked out finding our home in Greenfield, which gives us the beautiful outdoors right out our back door with the easy accessibility to our beloved downtown just a few blocks. We feel so grateful to live within a community that feels to welcoming, vibrant and supportive. I’m delighted to call Greenfield my home and am thrilled to establish and grow my art business here.”