Clouds: from Above and Below


Carolyn Gray’s paintings in the front gallery, May 5 to 29, inspired by 360 degree view of the sky in her new home. So much sky inspired her to fill the empty walls of the house with paintings of clouds. Observation of clouds at home naturally led me to observation of clouds from other promising viewpoints, such as the passenger seat of the car, and the window of the airplane. Her friend Terry Rumble made lovely ceramic sculptures, so they discussed the possibility of showing cloud-themed work together someday, but it was not to be, as she passed away in 2017. It’s a privilege for Carolyn to include the cloud sculptures she gave her and display them in the gallery.
#10   12×22  oil on board  2019
The Oxbow Gallery
40 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 203-1196