DAY 2 // SIDEWAYS DOOR II: a weekend of ecstasies & escape routes



Anchor House of Artists (518 Pleasant St , Northampton, MA 01060, Northampton MA)

SIDEWAYS DOOR II is the second semi-annual festival celebrating multi-disciplinary performance, process and practice organized by LOCULUS. The festival takes place at multiple venues throughout the Pioneer Valley and brings together local and regional dancers, sound and video artists, and poets for three days of performances, classes, and workshops. SIDEWAYS DOOR II is supported in part by grants from the Northampton Arts Council and Greenfield Local Cultural Council, local agencies which are supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

The evening will feature performances by sound artists AJ Cornell and Elsa; movement based works by LOCULUS with the Baldwin/Gelineau/Meginsky trio, and Josie Bettman; and video works by Otis Wheeler, Wendy Woodson, and Tyler Rai.

**Tickets are available for a sliding scale of $10 - $30.**

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**Elsa** is a poet and performer from Leeds, MA.

**AJ Cornell** has been working with sound and transmission since 2003 in Montreal, then Louisville, and now Portland, Maine. Listening and improvisation are at the core of her meditative solo practice. She is a member of the hymnotic duo Le fruit vert and composes soundtracks for experimental film and video art installations. She will be paying a long-form sonic massage of electronics, field recordings, rusty objects and voice.

**LOCULUS** and **Gelineau/Baldwin/Meginsky** come together for the second installment of COMPRESSION, a quarterly showing/experiment of improvisational sound and movement composed collaboratively in a day. 

Since 2019, **organic mom** (Josie Bettman) has developed a series of solo performances in an 8x10ft room that visualize transformation through extremes of scale, repetition, and effort. These performances register memory and endurance by inscribing space with dance steps.

**Tyler Rai** is a dance artist, writer, ritualist, and producer who works across live performance, narrative essays, and experimental sound works. Her works investigate biological and cultural inheritance, spaces of ruin, and ecological change. 

**Otis Wheeler** will tell you the color if you tell them a number. They're a local artist, film programmer/critic, and recovering city councilor.

**Wendy Woodson** is a choreographer, writer, director, and video artist and Artistic Director of Present Co. Inc., established in 1980 in Washington D.C. and now based in Amherst, MA.