DELving Mini-Workshop: Martha Graham Dance Company



Jacob's Pillow Dance (358 George Carter Rd, Becket, MA 10110, Becket MA)

August 19, 10am-1pm

Jacob’s Pillow | 358 George Carter Rd, Becket MA 01223 

$49 | Open to all levels, ages 16+ 

This interactive movement workshop explores the work and legacy of modern dance icon and pioneer Martha Graham. Considered revolutionary at the time, Graham’s invention of a new modern dance technique has endured for almost 100 years. Her impact on the field of dance was enormous and far-reaching. The Martha Graham Dance Company continues to preserve her legacy and has brought her work into the 21st century in new and innovative ways. 

**PLUS!** As an added bonus, participants in this workshop will receive a 20% ticket discount to attend the matinee performance of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

Led by Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) Facilitators Ann Biddle and Felice Santorelli, participants will: 

Explore different approaches to looking at a choreographer’s work 

Engage in embodied, inquiry-based research that pulls from the Pillow's rich digital resources

Participate in playful movement exploration and collaborative dance-making in a supportive and welcoming environment

Discover applications of workshop content to dance education

Develop strategies to bring embodied dance history into the dance classroom

DEL Mini-Workshops bring together a diverse and multi-generational group of dance educators and students from multiple teaching/learning environments. Learn more here. Open to dance educators and dancers of all levels, ages 16+. 

Lead support for the Dance Education Lab at Jacob’s Pillow is generously provided by the Arnhold Foundation.