Dewey Drop-In Use Your Words: Ode to Earth w/ Robbi Hartt



Dewey Hall (91 Main Street, Sheffield, MA 01257, Sheffield MA)

**Dewey Drop-In *Use Your Words*: *Ode to Earth* with Robbi Hartt and Evelyn Battaglia**

**Wednesday, February 1, (1st Wednesday)**

Dewey Hall, 91 Main Street, Sheffield, MA 01257

Doors at 6:30, Event at 7pm. $10 at the door

*Special Roberto’s Menu and beverages available at the Hall, wheelchair accessible.* Come early to order. No outside food or beverages allowed. 

Contact: for info

*Dewey Drop-In Use Your Words: Ode to Earth* with Robbi Hartt and Evelyn Battaglia

Ode to Earth

This evening promises to be a celebration of our planet and its animal inhabitants—winged creatures in particular—with music and readings by local artists and authors exploring our human relationship to the natural world. Attendees are invited to join the conversation by sharing their own favorite reading (or song!)—please keep it to a maximum of 3 minutes and, if desired, reach out in advance to Robbi Hartt ( so we can be sure to include you in the line-up.  

The impact of climate change is happening at a much quicker rate than predicted. According to Patrick Greenfield in *The Guardian*, "Earth’s wildlife populations have plunged by an average of 69% in just under 50 years... as humans continue to clear forests, consume beyond the limits of the planet and pollute on an industrial scale." 

Recent findings by the World Wildlife Fund offer a ray of hope, however, suggesting that corporations and governments can no longer hide from irrefutable scientific facts and that pinpointing the causes of climate change (deforestation, mono-crop/meat-centric agricultural practices) is helping to generate more timely and effective solutions. 

Fans of Helen Macdonald (*H is for Hawk, Vesper Flights*), Richard Powers (*The Overstory, Bewilderment*), and Mary Oliver (*Owls and Other Fantasies, Red Bird*) will appreciate the tone and tenor of the evening's offerings. No proselytizing—but a deep reverence for all of nature's gifts.

**Robbi Hartt** earned her M.A. from Georgetown University and devoted most of her career to supporting young writers, teaching English and directing the writing center at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Conn, and hosting a series of Spoken Word workshops featuring artists Joshua Bennett and Adam Falkner. Since moving to the Berkshires full time she has enjoyed writing articles for *The Berkshire Edge* and *5 Village News* and developing her craft as a poet (with poems featured in the anthology *Busy Griefs, Raw Towns* and in Gail Winbury's exhibit at Southern Vermont Art Center). She lives with her husband in Mill River, where they renovated a 1795 farmhouse to create a respite for families dealing with pediatric cancer. 

Calling the Berkshires home since moving here full time in 2015, **Evelyn Battaglia** plied her trade in national lifestyle publishing for over two decades, most of that time as an editor at Martha Stewart Omnimedia where she helped launch *Everyday Food,* contributed to *Living, Kids,*and *Weddings* magazines, and curated (and co-wrote) many bestselling books on cooking, gardening, entertaining, decorating, and organizing. She currently maintains a brisk writing/editing/content creation freelance workload for diverse clientele including The Discovery Channel/Food Network, Epicurious, and Brick Underground (an award-winning real estate website for NYC). As of 2021, she has also served as special projects editor at *The Berkshire Edge.* She is an avowed hiker, tree hugger, and birdwatcher—and a nascent member of the Hoffman Bird Club. 

*Use Your Words* brings writers, readers, and listeners together for evenings of sharing and conversation. Each date will be hosted by a different local writer, with readings by colleagues, students, writing groups, published authors, and storytellers. Themes will include *Emergence*, *Grief*, *Creaturely Stories*, *Lives Gone Off Script*, *True Tales*, *Memoirs,* and more. The hosts will open conversations around each evening’s themes, but also talk about writing practices, writing groups, and other skills to empower the art of writing and to encourage reading.

Dewey Drop-In: Use Your Words dates, hosts, and themes:

02/01/2023 Robbi Hartt and Evelyn Battaglia: Ode to Earth

03/01/2023 Suzi Baum: Emergence

04/05/2023 Laura Didyk: Lives Thrown Wildly Off-script

05/03/2023 Maria Black: The Thursday Group

06/07/2023 Melanie Greenberg: Real Life Stories

10/04/2023 Barbara Newman: Life is a Bowl of . . .

11/01/2023 Sheela Clary: True Tales of Lives Lived

12/06/2023 Peter Murkett | Bonner McCalister: Creaturely Stories

You may order hot food at Dewey Hall from a Roberto’s Pizza special menu. Beverages available. No outside beverages or food allowed.  

The *Dewey Drop-In* (DDI) Wednesday night series includes:

First Wednesdays: *Use Your Words,* writing, readings, and storytelling

Second Wednesdays: *Jazz Jams* hosted by Brian Kantor w/ bandleader Luke Franco (participants and audience welcome)

Third Wednesdays: *Show & Tell*, a music and art soireé hosted by Michael Lesko

Fourth Wednesdays: *Game Nights* with hosts Maggie McRae and Michael Siktberg. Bring a game or join a game.