Doug Selwyn book launch: "At the Center of All Possibilities"



The LAVA Center (324 Main St., Greenfield, MA 01301, Greenfield MA)

Doug Selwyn is launching his new book, "At the Center of All Possibilities: Transforming Education for Our Children’s Future."
From Doug:
It is our responsibility as a society to educate our next generations so that they are ready and able to respond to the world in the present and in their future. It is clear that we must do better than we are doing at the moment. What would it look like if we were truly meeting our children’s needs?
I invited twenty-two educators and activists to share their thoughts and responses to that question. Their essays and interviews make up the core of the book. Some address the role of schools within society, some the content we should be teaching, who should be doing that teaching and how they are educated. Some consider how we should assess the teaching and learning we are doing. And there are a few thoughts about how the systems we currently have in place may not be the answer.
At LAVA, I’ll read briefly from the book; ask two contributors, Leo Hwang and Jan Maher, to share some thoughts; and then all who are there will be invited to join in conversation about the central question: what do our children need and how can we help them get it.
There will be some modest treats and I will be selling copies of the book at a 30% discount.