Drawing Life with Victor Juhasz



Norman Rockwell Museum (9 MA-183, Stockbridge, MA 01262, Stockbridge MA)



Single Episode: $5
Full series: $50 (12 episodes)
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Drawing Life
with American Illustrators
from Norman Rockwell’s Studio
Drawing Life with Victor Juhasz from Norman Rockwell’s Studio
Air Date: October 20, 2022
An hour-long program of sketching and conversation about creative expression, the power of persuasion, and the people’s art.
Wonder. Storytelling. Human Connection. From a converted carriage barn on South Street in Stockbridge, MA, Norman Rockwell painted his way into the hearts and lives of people around the world. In this Studio—his last and “best yet”—Rockwell’s imaginative artistry established a legacy of creativity that continues to inspire artists and visitors alike. Today, illustration art is everywhere: books and graphic novels, editorials and advertising, video games and the metaverse, posters, comics, clothing, and tattoos.
This monthly series of on-demand programs features leading illustrators from across the United States demonstrating their craft and discussing ways in which published illustration reflects and shapes society, and advances social good.



Victor Juhasz was born in Newark, New Jersey. He exhibited an interest in drawing early in life but needed the prodding of his high school art teacher to abandon a fantasy of becoming a cross-country truck driver (in retrospect, a really awful idea) and recognize his calling to be an illustrator.
A graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York City, 1975, Victor began illustrating in 1974 for THE NEW YORK TIMES while still a student. His humorous caricatures and illustrations have been commissioned by major magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, and book publishers, both national and international and his clients have included TIME Inc., Newsweek, The National Observer (Canada), The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, GQ, Men”s Journal, The Village Voice, The Washington Post, Oxford University Press, Harper Collins, St. Martin’s Press, Grove/Atlantic, Sierra, Opera News, The Nation, Bozell, Foote Cone & Belding, Ogilvy & Mather, Werbeagentur Robert Putz (Germany), Proctor & Gamble, Morton Swinsky Productions and Jeffrey Richards Associates (Broadway producers).
Visit juhaszillustration.com for additional information.
Photo by: Deborah Feingold