Easthampton Film Festival



New City Brewery (180 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA 1063, Easthampton MA)

Doors open at 4pm; screening will begin at 7pm

"The Answer" by Jared Skolnick One of the oldest questions is finally settled.

"Hear No Evil" by Caleb CookeA spooky tale about a ghost attached to three monkey figurines.

"Eddie" by Josh DeForgeAn alternate reality in which Ed Gein was not captured.

"The Bite" by Mark Allison Ray calls his friend Drew for help when a hungry girl from the bar won't leave his apartment.

"Tea with the Reaper" by Ryan Simons An amateur ghost hunter opens the door to the other side to welcome his daughter back.

"Empty Windows" by Andrew & Joseph RosensteinHaunted by the past, a man with schizophrenia stops taking medication to confront his demons.

"Soot" by Jake Hulse A battle-weary Black Hand Agent struggles to find purpose when his mission ends in a choice between his life or his partner's.

“The Cemetery” by Ali Reza BeigiA woman, buried alive, comes up from the grave and confronts herself.

"The Killer Across the Street" by Adam SeccaficoA paranoid, stay-at-home husband grows suspicious of his neighbor.

"Grafton" by Bryan SantiagoA woman gets lost and stumbles into a mysterious small town where she reluctantly assumes the identity of someone else.