Easthampton Film Festival - High Expectations: 4 Short Comedies



Easthampton Media (116 Pleasant St, Suite 102, Easthampton, MA 01027, Easthampton MA)

**High Expectations: 4 Short Comedies**

**4:20pm on Saturday, May 13th at E-Media**

**Anaconda** by Chelsea Gonzalez (Los Angeles, CA)

**Derrick & Boyd** by Chris Goodwin (Waltham, MA)

**Fatih the Conqueror** by Onur Yagiz (Paris, France)

**Proud Hooligan** (written by an AI) by Guillaume Arnoulet (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Meet me at 4:20 for this hilarious and absurd collection of comedy shorts including one from New Zealand written entirely by an Artificial Intelligence. The show won’t actually start until 4:30, in case you’re moving a little slowly (*wink*)! Stick around for a talkback afterwards with attending filmmakers. This program will run about an hour and a half, including the talkback.