Fantastic Shows Presents: The Padded Waltz, Linnea’s Garden & Cars Go West



JJ’s Tavern (99 Main St., Florence, MA MA)


Come hang out with us freaks and geeks at Padded Waltz’s Single Release Party w/ Linnea’s Garden and Cars Go West!


Padded Waltz is a Western Mass-based Progressive Art-Pop band that crafts original music with a distinctive twist. Comprising Drake, Jess, Josh, and Ian, they deliver infectious grooves, offbeat bops, sad songs, and waltzes. Their live shows are committed to bringing you along for their strange and wondrous ride.


The new Padded Waltz single, “Different”, fuses an energetic, Baltic-inspired melody with lyrics that delve into a life marked by unseized opportunities and regret. The song's vibrant, syncopated rhythm contrasts with its themes of remorse, invoking a boat in choppy waters, harkening its sea shanty vibes. We believe "Different" is different in a way that will be engaging for your listeners.


Linnea’s Garden (Boston) plays glam punk rock you can dance to. Imagine the angular guitars of Television, primal bass lines of The Clash, danceworthy grooves of Blondie, and otherworldly songwriting and stage show of David Bowie, fronted by a queer singer/songwriter/scientist. Loud, shiny and full of distortion: they do it cuz they like to do it.


Cars Go West is deep fried indie alterna-punk from Springfield. Their newest single “Dune Tune” is an irreverent power-pop song propelled forward by thumping drums and a phased out chorus of fuzzy guitars. The song may begin as an old school Queens of the Stone Age style rager however, Cars Go West’s jam and funk background shines through the beautiful spacy outro as listeners are left with a sense that there is more to come.