Flywheel Inside/Out presents: Music on the Library Lawn



Forbes Library Lawn (20 West St., Northampton MA)

Flywheel returns to the Forbes Library Lawn for another season of shows. Bring a blanket, picnic, chair, and listen to some great music.

OcCult Classic are three mysterious longtime valley rockers, Christa Joy is a mysteriously talented singer and crafter of songs.

Rain date: July 6 -- See the facebook event page for updates!

You'll find Christa Joy at the twangy intersection between classic country and confessional folk. Known for her strong sense of melody, resonant storytelling and charming sincerity, Joy performs throughout New England with her band, "Christa Joy and the Honeybees." Her third full-length studio album, "Get On, Heart!" (June, 2019) was released to a sold out Parlor Room in Northampton, MA. The band has a new album set to be released in 2023.


OcCult Classic are the evil eye staring down the eclipse without flinching. They’re the apocalypse in a glass of hemlock. They’re serpentine sounds gouging petrified wood in a forest of unknown dimension. OcCult Classic are the alchemist’s pestle grinding at the void, the master magician in the astral desert, the snake at dawn. While mortals sleep, OcCult Classic conjure serrated ghosts in the knife drawer. Even mercury sheds its skin when the band reaches its destination at the hex’s nadir; this is where the lava in the lamp comes from.