Genreflux: Collage As Creative Nonfiction Storytelling Workshop



ZOOM (1 Cottage St, Easthampton MA)

Creative nonfiction is a genre-defying medium. It uses prose and style to weave together stories that are simultaneously truthful and entertaining. Similarly, collage challenges the boundaries of genre by transforming pieces and parts into a new whole. Together, collage and creative nonfiction ask us to imagine new ways to share our stories together. Where does the truth end, and fiction begin?

To explore these genre-bending mediums, we will learn and share in an oral storytelling practice together and then transform our stories into collages. You’ll end the night with your own creative nonfiction collage, a list of prompts to inspire future explorations, and resource recommendations for learning more about creative nonfiction as a genre.

6-8pm EST on January 19th, 2023 through Zoom with live closed captioning. To register please visit: