Harvesting Dreams: Two Vision of Tarot



The Sanford Gallery @ Zea Mays Printmaking (320 Riverside Drive, Florence MA)

Marjorie Morgan’s Magical Nature Tarot and Annie Bissett’s Woodblock Dreams Tarot were both created in the crucible of the pandemic and both decks were constructed with printmaking and collage processes. This show at the Sanford Gallery will highlight the processes these artists used to make the decks and some of the original artwork that became cards. A gathering on Sunday April 23, 3-6pm, will feature talks by the artists and an opportunity to engage with the cards in guided readings. Tarot reader Karen J. Hayes will do short readings for a suggested donation of $10. Decks will be on hand for purchase.

Reception Schedule:
Reception - 3 PM
Artists' Talks - 3:30 PM
Tarot Readings - 5-6 PM