Hot Club of New York - DJ presented by the Northampton Jazz Festival



Pulaski Park (240 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060, Northampton MA)

The Hot Club of New York is a social listening group that preserves and presents classic jazz on 78rpm records. The mission, as stated by legendary jazz DJ Phil Schaap, is to “bring people in touch with classic jazz recordings.”

Jazz expert, archivist and educator Matthew “Fat Cat” Rivera spins classic jazz recordings from the 1920s-50s from original 78 rpm records. Fat Cat brings with him years of collecting and research, offering a chance to hear scarce records in their historical and aesthetic contexts and to enjoy jazz history in a relaxed environment. 

With top-notch equipment and thousands of precious 78s, The Hot Club of New York is a home for the original performances of jazz, by the original pioneers, and on the original format. 

*Hear the music like you’ve never heard it before. Fall in with the pack and dig the shellac.* 

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