Jess Martin Album Release



Luthier's Co-op (108 Cottage St, Easthampton, MA 01027, Easthampton MA)

Whether with the straight ahead driving rock rhythms of Misfit Moon Blues and Rejected Princess, or the swinging, lilting Tomboy in Blue, Martin addresses issues of sexuality, gender identity, and acceptance in an upfront manner while still using wonderful imagery. Binary Code questions the lines of sexual perception to a driving up-tempo pulse reminiscent of 80’s Brit pop with an edgy vocal style with hints of Chrissie Hynde and PJ Harvey, and then she eases into the gentle flow of Nature’s Calamity with softer melodic passages with a warm vulnerability. Paper Doll playfully uses a 50’s style progression for the idealistic verses, and then drops to an edgy rock feel for the chorus which sheds the childhood messages and paper doll clothing to claim her true self.