Jonathan Stark In Line: New Large Continuous Line Drawings



Anchor House of Artists (518 Pleasant Street ground floor, Northampton, MA 01060)

Since nineteen ninety, Jonathan Stark has produced a remarkably consistent brand of drawing all generating from a single, undulating inked line. Though the appearance of the line is repetitive, the manner in which it is massed and released creates delightfully different results each time. Having an instantly recognizable style and minimalist feel they have been popular, particularly to urban customers whose design sense is modern. Stark is primarily self-trained in illustration, yet he has joined several ceramics workshops. The single, hyper-focused concentration of centering pots on the wheel is the same as he employs when he is working for hours on his drawings. This spring he has set upon a new suite of oversized works on 32" by 40" surfaces. This exhibit will preview some new work.