Kwame Christian: How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race



Greenfield Public Library (402 Main St, Greenfield, MA 01301, Greenfield MA)

Join us for an enlightening hour with bestselling author Kwame Christian as he chats about his new book How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race: Practical Tools for Necessary Change in the Workplace and Beyond. 
Many people avoid conversations about race because of fear: fear of discomfort, fear of damaging important relationships, fear of being misunderstood, "canceled," or ostracized. How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race equips you with the skills you need to make these crucial conversations easier and more productive. 
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This talk features the opportunity to participate in author Q&A or pre-submit questions during registration!  Copies of this books are available at the Library. 
This program, brought to you by the Friends of the Greenfield Public Library in partnership with the Librar y Speakers Consortium, is free and open to the public.