LANDING - Laura Radwell



Elusie Gallery (43 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027, Easthampton MA)

LANDING - New Works by Laura Radwell

Composed of land, sea, and sky, the perspective in these new works is both from above looking down to earth’s surface, and from below looking to the sky. The paintings are roomy, distant, vast. Yet, because they are (mostly) small in physical dimension, the viewer’s journey can still be intimate, as if in spite of the spaciousness, it is possible to explore and hold the scenes within one’s gaze. 

The vantage point arose in response to the increasing precarity, division, and conflict in the world around us, events taking place on solid ground and changes in the air and sea that threaten the life as we know it on our planet. There is reassurance In recalling that human life is grounded in the land and that the sky, ever-changing, represents the potential for welcome developments. Though some of the paintings contain disturbances or agitation, others are peaceful and offer respite. In both rising above the fray and in coming down to earth there is a settling, a landing.