LAURIE MILES, Artful Harvest, photographs



Salmon Falls Gallery (1 Ashfield St, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370, Shelburne Falls MA)

Artist and gardener Laurie Miles practices both at her home in Windsor, Massachusetts. After a long career in advertising, Laurie now practices fine art in a variety of media, strongly informed by her gardens and the natural world.

The *Artful Harvest* photographs come directly from sliced and arranged vegetables and plants. They are pressed, dried, and photographed to reveal the delicate patterns and structures that emerge during the drying process. In her own words:

“Material is the starting point for my work. I deconstruct and recombine materials to create new works. It’s an intuitive process that leads to explorations of pattern, texture and design.

My recent work involves a creative close-up of nature’s elegant line work. Delicate patterns mimic networks within our solar system, tree roots, even our own vascular systems. There’s much to take from nature for inspiration. I choose to wonder about what I can’t see.”

Laurie Miles has spent many years volunteering for organizations like The Massachusetts Trustees of Reservation and as a docent for the Clark Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She has a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.