Lexi Weege & JJ Slater Double Album Release Show



Marigold Theater (84 Cottage St, Easthampton, MA 1063, Easthampton MA)

Lexi Weege & JJ Slater return from the road to celebrate the release of their solo records!

Lexi Weege and JJ Slater met at a shared gig in 2019. After Weege finished a smoking set while rolling around on the bar, Slater picked up his guitar and played a soul-stirring “Amazing Grace” with funk band Organ Transplant. The possibility for an incendiary collaboration was immediately clear. Fast forward three years, and the pair have completed four national tours, numerous recording collaborations (including Weege’s upcoming solo EP), and have assembled a massive, passionate family of musicians. Whether performing as a duo or as a seven-piece band, groove and melody rise above all. Both sing with unique, recognizable voices; Weege marries smoky 50’s jazz with wild, arena-ready 70’s rock, while Slater overlays a smooth, melodic croon with laconic delivery and blue-collar beat poetry. Their infectious interplay will spread to the whole band, harkening back to a time when live shows could be spontaneous, energy-driven affairs. Slater’s genre-hopping guitar playing draws from screaming blues originals like Buddy Guy and Albert King, but with a twist of Bert Jansch and Wes Montgomery. The soloing doesn’t stop at his hand, though; everyone gets a beat to bark over the groove, and you can expect percussion breakdowns, scat-singing, and everything in between. At its core, the group features the songwriting talent of two longtime Valley troubadours. Weege is currently making a soulful, funky record full of longing, story-centric songs written over the course of the pandemic. Slater recently completed a songwriter-in-residence session at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM, and his rootsy, jazz-indebted indie rock dovetails with Weege’s to create a diverse, exciting live set. Both will be releasing solo records in 2023, and touring in every possible configuration.

With special guest Cloudpainter from Tucson, AZ.

CloudPainter is a Modern Roots & Rock band from the Arizona desert with a sound so rich and unique, you won't know what hit you. Soothing harmonies intertwine with lush electric and acoustic tones, delivering the best singer-songwriters, Liz Painter (vocals/ keys/guitar), RJ Cloud (vocals/guitar/keys).

The band’s musical journey started with Painter and Cloud playing at the Discovery Gallery, where the two joined regular jam sessions and songwriting circles. CloudPainter’s music feels raw, real and intimate. Created with a certain degree of chic old-schoolness, the band’s songs demonstrate a fresh retro-meets-contemporary sound you don’t want to miss.

�"The spellbinding vocal performance from Painter adds an extra layer of depth that hits all the right chords... the up-and-coming group (CloudPainter) continues to save what’s left of old-school music by creating high-quality content, restoring hope in the ever- declining industry." —- Pop It Records Magazine

Doors at 7, Show at 8.