Live music with Ezra Prior- Arts Walk RAP-up



The LAVA Center (324 Main St., Greenfield, MA 01301, Greenfield MA)

Come see Ezra Prior perform “Going for Broke” which has won multiple festivals, featuring beats by local DJs, and experimental raps from a brain injury survivor whose thoughts split in two!

Ezra Prior is Western Mass native who during the quarantine wrote, recorded, and produced “Going for Broke,” a tangential, tightly-wound, yet goofy neurotic trip through wanderings of a mind of someone with a brain injury and too much time on his hands. Its music video “Pretty Pose Particles” produced by Ryan Arnold, was featured in last year’s LAVA Film Festival. His music video is available here:

Visit Ezra’s website here:

$5-10 suggested donation, online or at the door, to support the artist and The LAVA Center: