MetaFit: Spring 2023 - Session 1


Short, intense and rewarding. Metafit is the true HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout and is designed to boost your fitness level, rocket your energy levels & get massive results in the shortest amount of time possible. Metafit is all bodyweight moves and is only 30 minutes long! The "afterburn" from a Metafit workout lasts a minimum 24 hours and up to 48 hours after the workout! That means you are burning fat even in your sleep!! All exercises can be modified to fit your abilities, making it suitable for everybody. Bring a mat and water Program Type Adult Program Subcategory Adult Program Code - Online Registration Yes Enrollment Begin Date 2/6/2023 8:00 AM Enrollment End Date 3/7/2023 Instructor(s) Celeste Dufault Celeste DuFault Gender Any Gender Grade Minimum - Maximum - Age Minimum 18 Enforced - As of date 3/14/2023 Maximum