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Norman Rockwell Museum (9 MA-183, Stockbridge, MA 01262, Stockbridge MA)

Nora Krug: Belonging

March 18 through June 18, 2023

Award-winning artist Nora Krug’s powerful graphic memoir, Belonging: A German Reckons With History and Home, and her most recent book publication, an illustrated edition of Yale historian Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, will be the focus of an exhibition at Norman Rockwell Museum from March 19 through June 18, 2023. Each book takes inspiration from the artist’s personal experiences as well as the events of history through engagement with deep topical research, museum artifacts and flea market finds, vintage photography, oral histories, and personal conversations, with the goal of trying to understand, reckon with, and depict the past in order to take something revelatory and useful away from it. Works from five other illustrated graphic novels will be features, as will the artist’s editorial work for the Los Angeles Times focusing on the human toll of the war in Ukraine.

More than 200 original drawings and paintings will be on view, as well as historical artifacts, letters, photographs, and toys that inspired the artist’s work. Using text and images to tell a narrative story, graphic novels are are long form comics that have become popular throughout the world, as they engage readers with a wide range of subjects. Whether fictional or true to life, they are meaningful launch pads for further discovery, discussion, and research, for personal enjoyment and in educational settings. Stephanie Haboush Plunkett, chief curator of the exhibition remarks that “Krug’s fresh approach to visual offers illuminates the power of published art and inspires new ways of seeing and understanding our world.”


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