On the Road with the Dover Quartet



Tanglewood (297 West St., Lenox, MA 01240, Lenox MA)

The Tanglewood Learning Institute will screen the film Strings Attached, On the Road with the Dover Quartet.

Four kids meet in music school with big dreams. When they form a string quartet, riding their enthusiasm, ambition and skill, they rocket to international renown in the classical music world and become The Dover Quartet.

The documentary Strings Attached follows them on and off stage, as they meet and decide to throw in their lot together, as they sweep the most prestigious international string quartet competition, and as they are suddenly circling the globe to meet the demand for their performances — and as they try to deal with the cost to their personal lives. Will the endless days and nights on the road, the cheap hotels and the internal conflicts overwhelm their love of the music? Or will the music win?

The String Quartet Series takes listeners on a seven-day immersive and interactive journey with members of the Juilliard String Quartet and Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) resident faculty, focused on the collaborative, complex, and conversational spirit of this sublime, unique genre.

Watch the talented Fellows of the TMC hone their artistry as they prepare, refine, and perform great works from the string quartet repertoire.

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