Once Upon A Drag - An Original Musical



Easthampton (Due to the rise of transphobia, exact street address will be provided with purchase receipt) (Easthampton, Easthampton, MA 01027, Easthampton MA)

When a bunch of high school students discover a secret gateway to a deserted drag performance club, they decide to embark on a self-discovery journey. With the help of a mysterious being and drag elders, they 'sashay away' fears and barriers as they reclaim the hidden history and revive the long-lost drag club*.*

**Starring:** co-ACT Youth Collective

**Guest Star:** Drag performer Giri Spades (they/them)

**Dramaturgs & Directors:** Mr. J (they/them) & Shai kuper (they/he)

**Music:** Mr. J

*Once Upon A Drag* is an original musical play by co-ACT, the first community theatre collective for trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive youth in Western Massachusetts. The youth write and create a play based on personal and collective experiences.