Paintings by Lori Lynn Hoffer Mixed Media Art by Dora Reyes and Don Carter



Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library (20 West St, Northampton MA)

Reception: February 24, 3-5:30 PM

Bursting with exuberant color and light, Lori Lynn’s botanical paintings send a powerful message that beauty and appreciation of nature are essential to human happiness. This exhibit features her large ‘imagined’ garden squares as well as works from two special places in the artist’s life – Florence Italy and eastern coast Florida.
Working with oils, Lori Lynn applies thick layers of highly saturated colors. Her paintings typically begin on a black background and end quite vibrantly in a style sometimes reminiscent of stained glass, with art deco/art nouveau graphic styles also serving as an influence.

BIRDS & DESSERTS is a unique collaborative art series created by baker-turned-artist, Dora Dylanne Reyes (desserts) and illustrator, Don Carter aka Edgar Allan Slothman (birds). Their mixed-media pieces are produced with digital illustration often combined with watercolor paintings.
“We’ve created a fantasy world for these birds filled with vibrant colors and sweet treats. Every story is different and each approach is unique. Sometimes we pay homage to a film, an artist, a cultural tradition … or just simply have our fine feathered friends enjoying a piece of pie, just because they can”. — Dora