Photography by Paul Griffin, Virginia Sandman, and Ken Kipen



Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library (20 West St, Northampton, MA 01060, Northampton MA)

**Reception: Friday October 13, 4:00-5:30 PM**

**Virginia Sandman**

Dreams are the source of some of the photos. Others come from simply touching and interacting with materials like thread, clay and playing around with light. My experience with sculpture, video installations, film and performance art influence the photographic outcomes.

**Paul Griffin: The Stones They Left Behind**

These images were made during a trip to Ireland in May 2022. It seemed wherever I went, the landscape was dotted with stone ruins, some ancient and some from more recent times. With these photographs, I hope to evoke some of the atmosphere, mystery, wonder and the connection that I felt to this enchanting land as I stood before these deserted piles of stone that were left behind by those who once lived here.

**Ken Kipen**

"Over the years photography has allowed me to connect with worlds very different from my own. Travel has been the catalyst, providing subjects I somehow recognize from an awareness beyond seeing. Then the subject itself is transcended, giving way to feelings rooted deep in our collective memory."   Ken Kipen began his study of darkroom techniques in 1952.