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The Drake (44 N Pleasant St Amherst, MA 01002)

taha straddles the most essential tenements of hip hop and house to create highly focused stereo arrangements that pull you into his energetic space. "RIDE THROUGH THE NIGHT" spreads low end wide, a rolling fabric of bass synths and high cut police sirens tap the listener into a heightened state, his vocals cutting through the mix to pull them into the centre of an sonically induced fight or flight. "TOO HOT" smells like house, tastes like house, and sounds like how bass feels. four on the floor that motivates itself, hurtling with all the energetic enigmatic power whatever speaker you are listening on has the capability of reproducing.

eddie saturn is a child of 90s rnb, but a modern emissary of postrap/hyperpop "I always be playin' support" is a 808 blasted 8 bit track with the most tasteful of trap sensibilities. with breaks that break the song off into candy pieces that absorb straight to your head, eddie is fully his musically medium. his voice comes clearly through the bars that mirror his empathetic personality/ his layered harmonies buttressed in autotuned ad libs create emotional smoke signals that hit you right where you are, wherever you are.

jxylen is a humanist, unflinchingly motivated by the moment. his flow is conceptual prose, his intent meters bars that create clear mental images, from cynical reflection,and provocative calls to action, to tender emotional observation/ wrapped in the voice of a straight shooting lyricist."WATCHERS" is the true to form struggle of the arcing pendulum swing that is creativity/ from the proposed artist contending with onlookers.

cookshort is the culmination of the characters he creates, the changeups in delivery that he embodies, an ever expanding perspective of well positioned, clean cut, unbroken flow. his delivery is like smoke spilling out of a cracked door, the density of his bars compound beautifully as they mound on top of each other. his gravelly voice anchors his songs in a silk that covers his steely lyrical sense with moments of somber reminiscence, aggressively catchy melodic hooks, and explosive egoist punchlines, while simultaneously managing a consistently dynamic, engrossing vocal performance. "10 Fold" is a boppable pop tune that uses cookshort's incredible melodic flow , and competent lyrics to seam the most interesting moments on the track, with the hard hitting chorus.