Preview Reception: Josh Simpson Visionary Explorations in Glass



Springfield Museums D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts (21 Edwards Street, Springfield, MA 01103, Springfield MA)

Join Josh Simpson and his wife, former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, to be among the first to view this exciting new exhibition: Josh Simpson Visionary Explorations in Glass, a 50-year retrospective of one of the most innovative glass artists of our time. Based in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, Josh Simpson has long been captivated by the fickle properties and phenomenal possibilities of red-hot molten glass. Largely self-taught, Simpson’s artistic vision marries groundbreaking techniques with new forms and materials and his intrepid experimentations have resulted in advances in the chemistry and artistry of glass. The connection between art and science runs deep for Simpson, who sources inspiration from nature, the night sky, and the universe beyond. Featured prominently in this exhibition are glass works that reflect the artist’s interest in cosmology and astronomy. For instance, Simpson’s glass planets were inspired by the Apollo astronauts’ description of seeing the Earth “hanging like a blue marble in space.” Other objects mimic the luminous interior found in tektites, objects that result from meteorites hitting the Earth.

Central to all of Simpson’s work is his talent, curiosity, and appetite for exploration. Drawn from the artist’s archives, the Springfield Museums’ holdings, and from private collections, this exhibition showcases the expansive range of Simpsons’ vision in the form of planets, platters, vessels, goblets, sculptures, copper baskets, and unique surprises. The display also includes new work, nodding to the artist’s ongoing quest to expand the boundaries of his medium.