Quaboag Vibe + Bring Out Ya Dead at The Marigold Theater



Marigold Theater (84 Cottage St , Easthampton, MA 1063, Easthampton MA)

The Marigold Theater, with Baer Bros Studios & Valley Vibe Productions, Proudly Presents: Quaboag Vibe + Bring Out Ya Dead!.

Friday September 8th 2023 ~ 8:00 till late ~ $10 at the door.

The Quaboag Vibe ~ A five piece original passion project of over 20 in the making features Steven Baer on guitar & lead vocals, Derrick Thurston on drums, Dan Baer on bass & vocals, Stephen Malachite on percussion, and Jason Moses on keys. They humbly offer their creative energy with love and conscious devotion to craft and community - aptly described as "alt fusion folk art rock with deeply thoughtful words, warmed organic edges & a whole lot of heart" with eclectically varying influences from David Byrne to Ani DiFranco to Pink Floyd. Growing up on The Quaboag River in Monson MA, twin brothers Steve & Dan Baer have been writing & playing together since they were old enough to stand & speak. With their childhood friend Derrick on the drums and soul brothers Stephen & Jason rounding out the group, they'll warm us up, positively shift our spirits, inspire conscious insights, always rock hard & true while driving us to dance with their uplifting consciously crafted Quaboag Vibes.

Bring Out Ya Dead ~ If you're like us and love the Dead then you need to hear this band. This CT River Valley "artistic" Grateful Dead tribute absolutely loves doing what they do & sharing it with you. Just like you'd expect they feature adventurous collective improvisational skills drawing from the heart of their inspiration. For those who need to listen and crave the dance or just simply want to float away, it's time to meet the band. Taryn on vocals & keys plays the part of both Keith and Donna Jean. Drummer Bryan lays down the deepest grooves to get your feet moving and your head swaying. You might just see Jerry when you shut your eyes while lead guitarist Jon picks & strums his authentic Garcia vibes. With Carter on rhythm on guitar and Tom on the bass, the rhythm section has the group souring to further creative heights every time they take the stage. These five musically bonded synchronized souls thrive on jamming as one while keeping this legendary music alive, serving it live straight from the heart.