Renaissance Jukebox



Forbes Library (20 West St, Northampton MA)

Renaissance Jukebox presents music inspired by the works of Wm. Shakespeare
(and beyond):
In Spring...
As oft 'twixt May and April is to see,
When winds breathe sweet, unruly though they be.

     from A Lover's Complaint, pub. 1609

This program includes quotes, songs, ballads, and instrumental works associated with Shakespeare in his own era, and modern songs that connect with our personal and sometimes unruly responses to Shakespeare’s texts. Works of Campion, Danyel, Dowland, Holborne, and other 17th-century composers, in juxtaposition with modern songs evoking related stories, moods, and/or imagery, by Jason Isbell, Cat Stevens, the Everly Brothers, Phoebe Bridgers, Hozier and others.